Project Description

Welcome to the Woodworking section of the Lee Coleman Collection.

Woodworking: Greene and Greene Table


In the design of this table, one can see the Japanese influence, but neither one of the Greene brothers ever traveled to Japan.
Charles, however, certainly managed to convey something special with a marvelous blend of Japanese inspired  joinery and the best of the Arts and Crafts Movement.  The slides from this Greene and Greene dining table are inspired by the  Robinson House table. That table is now housed in Huntington Museum in Altadena, Ca. While I wasn’t at all sure I would be able to create these,  especially without plans, in the end the somewhat altered curves I chose presented no real problem.  What makes Charles Greene’s design for these slides so special, I think, is the fact that they are just beautiful to look at,  with no functional advantage over the typical straight lines.

Greene and Greene designed slider. C. 2016 NyghtFalcon
Greene and Greens Table C. 2016 NyghtFalcon