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Woodworking: General Pieces

Featured Piece:
Greene and Greene Rocker

Greene and Greene style Rocker by Fireplace. C. 2016 NyghtFalcon

Only a liar, and a foolish one at that, would deny being proud of this example of my woodwork, but Matthew Morris of MM Wood Studio deserves equal billing. Check him out and if you already have some tools and some experience, and ordinary talent (about like me) you can do this! Just don’t use Claro walnut (also called California walnut), as I did. That wood is challenging to work with and demands patience.

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Sideboard in the Living Room. C. 2016 NyghtFalcon

In this cabinet (junk mahogany with Claro walnut panels) are holy relics from America’s greatest contribution to world art and culture — jazz. Similar cabinets line the entire living room. There are some 3000 LP’s in my collection, and when I need the kind of consolation I talked about in the homepage, it is here that I often go first.

Table in the Living Room. C. 2016 NyghtFalcon

This is one of my earliest pieces, a copy of a winning entry in a woodworking contest, done in Colorado. Apologies to the original maker, whose name I have forgotten, but who graciously allowed me to view it in his shop and take measurements.
On top is a whimsical version of the kiwi bird, done by a craftsperson working out of Auckland, New Zealand. Next to that, a new basket by Norma Fox of Oakland, and finally a crane made from a gourd, with bamboo legs. The design of that basket is very Japanese. The rug is from the Iranian town of Bidjar or environs, where Kurds make some of the most beautiful rugs in the world.