Project Description

Welcome to the Woodworking section of the Lee Coleman Collection.

Woodworking: Greene and Greene Rocker

This is a piece inspired by a dance mask of the Kwakwakawakw’ (Kwakiutl) tribe of Southeast Alaska.

Mask C. 2016 NyghtFalcon

A ceramic figure, solid rather than a vessel, from the Nazca of the South Coast of Pero, pre-Incan.

Mask C. 2016 NyghtFalcon

A wooden  mask from the Chancay of coastal Peru, pre-Incan.

Mask C. 2016 NyghtFalcon

A wooden mask of a Tengu, a benevolent mountain spirit of Japan, one who helps the traveler find his way.  Don’t we all need such friends?

Mask C. 2016 NyghtFalcon

Hannya mask, wood and lacquer, used in Japanese traditional theatre, representing simultaneously a woman’s sorrow and resentment over her situation.

Alaskan mask. C. 2016 NyghtFalcon

Dance mask from the Kwakawakawakw’  Indians of Southeast Alaska. This one is the mythical thunderbird.