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In this section of Lee’s site, you can access:

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The documents housed on this site are divided into three categories. These are:

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  • Soul.

With respect to his work, Lee wrote in a note to Falcon:

      • “My refusal to be guided by mainstream practices, like ‘diagnosis,’ and psychiatry’s addiction to drugs, as well as my open criticism of society’s reliance on psychiatry to disguise legal and social problems, were hardly welcomed by peers, as exemplified by

    Dr. White’s letter

      . Her readiness to explain away my opinions as just another symptom of mental disorder, was not unique, simply the most entertaining example, and the reason her letter has hung on my wall for thirty years.
    • One response of mine was to try to make the home a place where spiritual needs could be attended to. I said to myself, ‘I’m gonna fill this place with things that talk to me, and I need a shop to help me do it. Plus a lot of jazz records.’ That was in the middle seventies, and the shop and the collections have grown together.
    • So, for viewers of this website, I invite you to read some of what I have written and said over the years about psychiatry and society, see some things I have made, and also see things made by others. It has always seemed only fitting to give center stage to the work of the people who arrived here first, the Native Americans.”

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Books & Articles


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