In recent articles I have talked of the shocking plans being cooked up by Technology and Psychiatry. It took much longer than I expected once I realized that I needed to include more information about the Tech side of the partnership.

So I looked forward to my vacation and headed for some R&R in the Cotswoldsthe Cotswoldsthe Cotswolds. You perhaps know by now (via Lee Coleman Collection – the other half of this site) that craftsmanship has always been important to me, and the Arts and Crafts Movement (click here to read more about this) was created there because Britain’s richest men, the traders in wool, could afford the steep prices for household made the old-fashioned way.

I cruised the backroads of Gloucestershire looking for those famous sheep whose coats were so thick that they were called “lion sheep.” Fenced animals are difficult subjects, but I eventually got a shot I liked. When I sent it to master photographer, Falcon, he rejected it, saying “You can’t put the ass of a sheep in front of people.” I explained about why they were called lion sheep, the dense reminding one of a lion’s mane, and I wanted to capture the story of the wealth and craftsmanship of the Cotswolds. Eventually he relented and decided to print the picture but opted for “Asses First.” Now I was the one who needed to be convinced.

He explained that the article and accompanying photo would be our way of leading in to the real meat of the story — how those already too rich are deceiving vacationers from around the world by using some of the very methods that we have illustrated on our YouTube channel, Psychiatry and Society- surveillance, deception, control and powerlessness.

Prior to this trip, I had no inkling that the travel industry had become so corrupted that tech companies have taken over the printing of maps, the claims of the travel bureaus, and the transportation to and from the destinations. The most outstanding example of my recent trip was a stop in “Bibury”, a “community” which is a recent invention. The name itself is an invention, and upon arrival one sees a small collection of those beautiful 17th and 18th century old buildings ( that are so charming. The photos and descriptions in the guidebooks and advertisements indicate that they are beautiful old homes to visit, functioning workshops with craftsman using traditional tools and producing arts and crafts masterpieces by hand, or working farms where one can strike up a conversation while a worker takes a break from pruning a landlord’s beautiful garden.

None of it is true. Bibury makes Disneyland look like a class act for at least Disneyland is what is claims to be – a fantasy playground for children. A good example of the fakery is the “Bibury Trout Farm.” Click here HereClick here or here or here – to see what I mean.

Take the example is the fake duck race. A traditional British duck race uses real ducks, but this one uses decoys. As reported recently, thousands of spectators showed up. “The second race featured yellow rubber ducks floating down the river with prizes offered to the sponsors of the first 20 finishers.

But now that you are warmed up a bit, let’s get the real hard-core criminality, something that shocked me in about the same way as when I learned just a few months ago that Facebook, Google and Microsoft and their imitators are working hard to label and drug millions through “machine intelligence” linked to internet behavior. For when I had had as much of Bibury as I could stomach, about twenty minutes, I found that I was a prisoner! Let me tell you how it happened.

The car rental agency Europcar was highly recommended by those very same travel guides like Trip Adviser. When I arrived to pick up the car I was told that the one scheduled was not available so they were going to give me a higher model, the Hyundai Ioniq, a car so fancy it had an extra navigational system with even more features. I marveled at the generosity of the rental agency until I discovered after several attempts to leave Bibury that the navigator was rigged to guide me back to Bibury. Can I prove this? Unequivocally, NO. Internet searches are simply not designed for honest inquiry, so I must simply state that despite repeated attempts to leave Bibury while using the Ioniq navigator, I was finally successful when I turned it off and simply looked at old maps.