Psychiatrists are medical doctors who are damaging people and damaging society because they are trained to rely on drugs, and all for the purpose of protecting their false claims that psychological problems are medical diseases. Because emotional and behavioral problems are NOT medical in nature, psychiatrists cannot diagnose anything and whatever they order (often by force) cannot be a treatment. Psychiatry’s bodily “treatments” (drugs and shock) cannot target any disease because there is no indication of any biochemical, neurological or physiological abnormality in the brains of those labeled as “mental patients.” The distress is real but psychiatry’s prescription is self serving, corrupted by intimate ties to pharmaceutical companies, and leads to devastating bodily injury, stigma, and second class citizenship for millions. And now this is true not only in America but all over the world, and think about this. Millions of children are being drugged in the same way. Likewise for the elderly.

Not upset yet? The drugs are addicting. Put psychoactive substances into your brain, and the brain will try to compensate for the injury. Later on, try to get off these poisons and excruciating symptoms will often result. Finally, psychiatrists will say these withdrawal symptoms are your fault for trying to get off the drugs, and say you are having a “relapse of your illness” (which was their invention in the first place) and that “you need to go back on the drugs, or maybe need a second drug, or maybe both. 

So, I am not looking for business, I am looking for help, and I don’t care what profession you belong to. If you are on LinkedIn, you are in a position to help because you have connections. At the end of my 50 year career as a psychiatrist who never used drugs or shock treatment, never forced treatment on anyone, I have a few years left and it will be spent on public education. The only way to stop these abuses is by a social revolution from below, by dragging psychiatrists from their thrones and allowing the rest of the millions of dedicated mental health professionals to offer genuine help to those who need it and willingly ask for it.

If this is of interest, please consider becoming qualified to teach others about the problem. My youtube channel “Psychiatry and Society” costs you nothing, of course, and I promise you will learn things that will allow you to become part of the solution. I want to help you join the growing number of those who are not only aware but lending their weight to ending this terrible tragedy.